Growing Butterflies & Ladybirds

Last year the girls and I ‘grew’ our own butterflies. It was an amazing experience for us all – I mean, them, mostly, of course, but I loved every minute of it. The butterflies arrive in the post in a small tub with self contained ‘food’. Over a period of about 2 – 4 weeks,… Read more: Growing Butterflies & Ladybirds

Mamatography Week 8: Nesting, Like Birds In Spring Time

47/366 – Cooking Up A Storm I will at some point post more information on  my stocking up the freezer marathon. I don’t know where the energy came from, but I spent five hours in the kitchen cooking up 16 dinners for after the family leave and it’s just us settling back into our routines…. Read more: Mamatography Week 8: Nesting, Like Birds In Spring Time

A First Book of Animals {Review}

I’ve long been a fan of Petr Horacek’s illustrations, and will happily admit that it was knowing he was the illustrator on Nicola Davies’ A First Book of Animals that made me reach for this one. But in fairness to Nicola Davies, I’d best start with her. A First Book of Animals is the second… Read more: A First Book of Animals {Review}

Girls Who Climb Trees

I watched you the other day, sitting high up in a tree, watching the world go by. Actually, high up in a tree isn’t an unusual place to find my daughters when there is a tree around. I watched you scamper down again, skirts billowing, underwear flashing to the world, newly ripped tights revealing a… Read more: Girls Who Climb Trees

7 Lifehacks For Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving just passed you’re likely feeling relaxed and happy that all the stress is over with.  Believe me, I’ve been there.  But this is the perfect opportunity to reflect on the chaos of the past few weeks and unlock the secrets of a convenient holiday for next year.  Peruse this list, and see just… Read more: 7 Lifehacks For Thanksgiving

Clever Keet Bird Playground Review

I am often made to feel a bit bad, because my children want a pet so badly. We can’t have one where we live – the landlord even pulled a face when I suggested a fish! – so I’ve been steadily increasing the girls toy pet supply in the hopes that it will fill the… Read more: Clever Keet Bird Playground Review

Wildlife Jack Book Review

A few weeks ago we were sent a Wildlife Jack book for review, and it’s such a lovely book. Actually I think it’s quite unusual in the way it’s done. The book is called “I can fly” and is about birds and bird flight, and Jack who wants to fly with them. I love the… Read more: Wildlife Jack Book Review

Gelatin Bird Feeders For The Garden (With Recipe)

I love the idea of helping out nature, though living on a lush green Island with rolling hills and meadows, it can be hard to imagine that we need to. But, because here and now we might not need to, doesn’t mean I don’t need to instil a wish to protect our wildlife in my children. At five… Read more: Gelatin Bird Feeders For The Garden (With Recipe)

How To Make A Bird Mobile

My girls and I have been talking about birds the last few days, inspired by the ‘how do birds fly?’ question. One of the things we’ve done is look at the difference in beaks, wings and tails on different birds, and in the course of our play-learning, we decided to make a bird mobile. The… Read more: How To Make A Bird Mobile