Weather Crafts With #BostikBloggers

Our Bostik Blogger box this month was just awesome! We had so much fun with it.

When a box arrives I tend to look through it to see what we can make for our #BostikBlogger posts, and then let the kids play and create with what they want for the rest.

Can you guess the theme for this box?

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Spring Plant Markers And Critter Crafts #BostikBloggers

We moved house last week, so we are a little late with our BostikBloggers post this month, but moving house and crafts don’t mix.

No matter though – the boxes are almost all unpacked, the seeds are planted, and despite the biting cold, the sun is shining, so we turned our attention to crafts. The box this month had loads of spring themed embellishments, a frame, a paper bag, lollipop sticks and Blu Tack and Bostik Glu Dots among other things, so I let the kids decide what they wanted to do.

Plant MarkersRead more: Spring Plant Markers And Critter Crafts #BostikBloggers

Dragon Tales Story Sticks #BostikBloggers

We’ve really struggled with the #BostikBloggers challenge – dragons – this month. Not least because I’ve had a chest infection that’s left me feeling like a fire-breathing dragon myself. So I have a bit of empathy with dragons right now. It’s hard work, breathing fire!

Dragon Tales Story SticksAnyway, I decided to go for our old standby on this one, and created story sticks. The good thing with story sticks is that they aren’t fully formed puppets. They leave a lot to the imagination. I like that, because kids don’t really need everything spoon fed to them.

The Princess


I stuck a lollipop stick into the polystyrene ball, and put a veil and crown on it. Can’t be easier. And the girls love their interchangeable green haired king, or veil wearing princess. Depending on what the story requires.

The Knight


Every good princess needs a brave knight to keep her safe. This knight is always ready for battle, wearing his helmet. (Our knight has wonky eye sockets. Never mind.)

The Wizard


All medieval stories need a wizard. Ours wears the moon in his hair. He’s just that cool!

The Dragon Guarding His Treasure

A paper golden chest filled with golden coins and jewels… guarded by a ferocious dragon. Well, not that ferocious. Actually he looks kind of cute with those droopy eyes.

The girls have enjoyed telling stories about their characters, and everyone from the princess to the knight have had a go at vanquishing the dragon. And in some versions the dragon is more like a family pet, and no one has to be vanquished.

Simple crafts, hours of fun. Winner!

Easter Gift Baskets #BostikBloggers

We used all the felt from our #Bostikbloggers kit last week to make Easter themed felts, but we still had loads of goodies left over in our box from CraftMerrily, including all the embellishments – eggs, buttons, flowers – that are as much Spring as they are Easter.Easter Gift Baskets

We received a miniature basket, some ‘hay’ as my children call it, but it’s not hay! It’s the stringy stuff though, and a supersonic glue. It’s called Bostik Blu-Tack Fast Tak and seriously, this glue is like Spiderman got it on with superglue. Get that stuff on your hands and you spend the rest of the day clinging to everything around you. It’s effective though.

For these gift jars or gift baskets we made egg shaped biscuits, which the children and I decorated. You could make anything though – Jellybean Fudge is pretty and looks kind of egg shaped too. Or if you don’t have time to make something, fill it with chocolate eggs.Easter Gift Baskets

We then stuffed the ‘hay’ into the baskets, leaving enough overlapping so the glue has something to cling to. You could glue the strips in, but I didn’t really find that necessary. It clings quite well on it’s own. These little baskets are only big enough for about 2 – 3 tiny eggs, so don’t over fill it. Easter Gift Baskets

Spray the glue (or use your regular glue) to the eggs, and lay them inside the basket.Easter Gift Baskets

Fill a jar with biscuits, fudge or other Easter treats.

Easter Gift Baskets

Thread a strand of the ‘hay’ through the basket handle and attach it to the jar. You could wrap it around the lid of the jar so that there’s easy access, or you can seal it by threading it through the clasp.

Give your friends and family their beautiful Easter gifts!

We receive a craft pack as part of the #BostikBlogger project once a month. This contains craft materials and Bostik glues to hold it all together.

Easter Felt Crafts- #BostikBloggers

When I was a child, my dad made us a big felt board on the back of a Carrom board and we spent hours playing with felt shapes, making up and telling stories using this board as our base. We had a huge bag of different felt ‘stories’, but now, 20 years and two continents later, I can’t begin to image what ever happened to all of that. Unfortunately I don’t really view myself as particularly crafty – I mean, I can’t make a lady bird out of felt, or a fish out of felt, for that matter… but a little bit of Pinterest and Google later, I realised I probably can make them out of hearts, and I can make hearts!

In our BostikBloggers box we seem to receive some felt sheets every month, so with last month’s box I made these heart-based-animals.

Bostik Bloggers February

This month the theme is Easter, and our box contained yellow and pink felt sheets, so I made some Easter eggs, spring flowers, bunnies, chickens and a duck. Easter Felts

I need to buy a nice large felt sheet for the girls to be able to use their felt shapes properly, but with any luck, and a bit of practice, I will be able to make them many more shapes in the weeks and months to come.

For these I didn’t really follow a pattern as such – I just free cut, which meant I made some mistakes, but in general you can see what they’re supposed to be. Easter Felts

My girls really loved their Easter shapes, despite Ameli thinking the bunny is a bit creepy looking, Aviya figured since it was pink it had to be fine. Perfect logic in my book! I know they’re not perfect, but they are fun, and that’s good enough for me.

Valentine’s Craft Ideas #BostikBloggers

I was really pleased to find out that we’d been selected to be Bostik Bloggers again this year, and our first box is Valentine’s themed. It may be about a month off the celebration of love, but it’s never too early to get started, so here are some Valentine’s Craft Ideas for you!

Valentine’s Heart-flakesHeart Flakes

These are as individual as snow flakes, but they’re fun to make.

You’ll need equally sized strips of paper, preferably of the double-sided variety. Fold them in half without squashing the middle, and glue the loose ends together. Once they are secure, glue the strips together – you may find it easier to glue them at opposite angles (so in a figure of eight) rather than all together like in the picture bottom left.

When they are all glued together you’ll have a circle of loops (bottom middle) and then push the middle of each loop to the centre, giving the middle a little squeeze to make a heart.

Add a loop or string to hang the heart-flake from. Read more: Valentine’s Craft Ideas #BostikBloggers

#BostikBloggers Christmas Crafts

The difference between crafting for the blog and crafting for the kids is pretty much in the output. If I’m crafting for the kids, I kind of let them go for it, whereas if I’m trying to make something specific for the blog I tend to micro manage their every step. That, of course, is no fun for them. I once went in search of my 6 year old mid craft – session to find her hiding in the bed, saying she was bored of watching me having fun. Parent-fail, right there.

The good thing about being a #BostikBlogger for me is that they send a box, and it’s a bit like a lucky dip of things to do. The first few months we were doing it I tried to dictate what we could do with it, and the kids were really only half hearted about it. This month, however, I decided to do something a little different, and just leave the kids to their own creative endeavours.

Our pack this month included Glitter Pens and a Fine & Wide Glu Pen, and a variety of paper craft items, including pompoms, papers, ribbons and pipe cleaners (these are awesome pipe cleaners though! They look like Christmas tree branches, and I can’t find them online!)

Bostik Bloggers

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Sweet Christmas Gift Ideas

With just two weeks to go till Christmas, it’s time to get the teacher gifts done, the little token presents for colleagues and those final stocking fillers for holiday guests too. While it’s all too easy to grab a couple of boxes of chocolate and give them out, there’s something to be said for personalising, even in the little gifts, so here are a few ‘sweet’ ideas that won’t take very long, but will be unique. Go to your local old fashioned sweet shop, or shop online for retro sweets and feed your sweet tooth.


Make your own Christmas crackers by saving up toilet paper rolls, then filling small sandwich bags with a selection of sweets and stuffing them inside. Use fun Christmas paper to wrap the toilet rolls, leaving enough on either side to make it look like a cracker. You can even go professional and include cracker snaps to make sure they ‘bang’. 

Read more: Sweet Christmas Gift Ideas

Scooter Tips & Tricks Infographic

If your small people will be finding a scooter under the Christmas tree this festive season, Halfords have put together a fantastic tips and tricks infographic that would look great printed out and included with the gift (print it at 5 pages x 5 pages, trust me!)

The infographic has nine tricks that kids can learn and master, then there’s also a bit on what to wear and where to ride your scooter safely.


Christmas Stories With Matching Activities For A Book Advent

Life gets away from me sometimes, so here we are on the first day of Advent and I’m only now posting the books we’ve put up for our advent calendar this year, which doesn’t really give anyone a chance to do the same, but never mind: you can still do a 12 Days of Christmas book calendar, which means next year you only have to get 12 books. Silver linings, eh?

The way I’ve done it this year is to attach a book to each day of our string advent. I’ve made a note on the wrapping so I know which book’s inside too so that I can swap it around if I need or want to.

DSCN4389Below is a list of the books we’re using, and a list of activities that we could ‘copy’ from each book. Most day’s we’ll probably only do one thing, which is good because it means we can use the books a few years in a row!

Some of these books are available as sets or collections from stores like The Works.

A Christmas Wish – Caroline Antsey & Libby Hamilton


  • Make a silver dish craft
  • Decorate a Christmas tree
  • Go to your town’s Christmas event
  • Make acorn shaped biscuits
  • Take food to a food bank

Best Friends Or Not – Paeony Lewis & Gaby Hansenbest friends or not

  • Make ice crystals
  • Have a snow ball fight
  • Visit the penguins and polar bears at the zoo

Jack Frost – Kazuno Kohara

jack frost

  • Make snowflakes for the window
  • Go Ice skating
  • Build snowmen
  • Experiment with salt and hairdryers to see how fast water melts

Lucy and Tom’s Christmas – Shirley Hughes

lucy & tom

(We have this 1985 version. I’m assuming the content is the same)

  • Make (or stir) Christmas pudding
  • Make Christmas cards with pictures of Robins and trees
  • Make paper chains
  • Write letters to Father Christmas
  • Sing carols
  • Go to a Christmas market

The Jolly Christmas Postman- Janet & Allan Ahlberg


  • Write Christmas cards
  • Hand deliver Christmas cards

The Night Before Christmas – CC Moore


We have this 2013 version and this 2015 version

  • Make a snuggly Christmas bed in front of the Christmas tree
  • Make a reindeer craft
  • Make reindeer food

Russel’s Christmas Magic – Rob Scotton514WwCpBm3L._SX486_BO1,204,203,200_

  • Free printable colouring picture
  • Hang lanterns in trees
  • Make ice lanterns
  • Talk about how some children won’t have presents this Christmas, and donate to a toy drive to ‘save Christmas’ for someone else.

The Nutcracker  – Retold by Gaby Goldsack5159ptibtFL._SX392_BO1,204,203,200_

  • Tenuous link, but see a show, a pantomime, or an ‘on ice’ show
  • Decorate a gingerbread house in the Kingdom of Sweets

Sam’s Snowflake – Gillian Shields51VEld6ruZL._SX485_BO1,204,203,200_

  • Go tobogganing or on an indoor ski slope
  • Make honey cakes
  • Roast chestnuts
  • Make snowflakes from paper, glitter and cotton wool
  • Hang Christmas stockings

Jesus’ Christmas Party by Nicholas Allan

  • Jesus Christmas PartySet up a nativity scene
  • Listen to Christmas music

Alfie’s Christmas by Shirley Hughes

Alfie's Christmas

  •  Make Christmas decorations
  • Make Christmas cards
  • Make Christmas tree shaped cookies
  • Pick up a real Christmas tree
  • Decorate the Christmas tree
  • Wrap presents
  • Write a letter to Santa
  • Sing Christmas carols
  • Go for a walk, spotting Christmas trees and lights

Little Duck’s First Christmas by Dawn Richards & Heidi D’hamers

  • 511TaruyXFL._SX441_BO1,204,203,200_ Make mince pies
  • Sing carols
  • Have a snowball fight
  • Go on a sledge ride
  • Bake angel biscuits
  • Play a game together and share lots of Christmas cuddles!

Is It Christmas? by John Prater


  • Make Christmas cards
  • Make a garland from the Christmas cards you’ve received
  • Help with chores to get the house Christmas ready
  • Bake  Christmas cakes and cookies
  • Play in the snow. Make a snowbear
  • Collect & decorate a Christmas tree
  • Have a picnic by the twinkling Christmas lights

Baby Bear’s Christmas Kiss by John Prater

Baby Bear's Christmas Kiss

  • Go tobogganing or on a ski slope
  • Play Hide and Seek
  • Collect berries or pine cones in the woods and make Christmas crafts

The Nativity, The Story of Baby Jesus by May Eliot

The Nativity

  • Do a random act of kindness
  • Offer some time or gifts or food to a homeless shelter
  • Go stargazing
  • Make star shaped treats

The Sheep that Saved Christmas by Jason Page & Adrian Reynolds

The Sheep that Saved Christmas

  • Wrap Christmas presents
  • Write out some Christmas jokes

Mrs Pepperpot’s Christmas by Alf Proysen & Hilda Offen

Mrs Pepperpot's Christmas

  • Go to to a Christmas market
  • Make a bird feeder
  • Hang mistletoe

Mouse’s Christmas Wish by Judi Abbot


  • Write Christmas lunch or Christmas party invitations
  • Do some Christmas baking like Duck
  • Go ice skating like Bear
  • Go on a train ride – Santa train if you can help it
  • Decorate the tree
  • Hang up stockings
  • Read Christmas stories
  • Play games together

More Precious Than Gold – Gillian Lobel & Julie Monks


  • Make jewelled crowns for the wise men
  • Do a Random Act of Kindess
  • Go stargazing to find the brightest star in the sky

Saint Nicholas – Retold by Mary Joslin

  • 51kE2XgMwAL._SX387_BO1,204,203,200_Host a party and invite someone who may be new/lonely
  • Hang Christmas stockings
  • Drop anonymous gift parcels to neighbours (biscuits or chocolate coins)

The Christmas Angel –  Pirkko Vainio


  • Bake Christmas cookies – hearts, stars, moons and angels
  • Put up Christmas decorations
  • Make paper star decorations
  • Donate food to the homeless/volunteer at a soup kitchen
  • Add string to cookies and decorate the tree
  • Sing carols

One Christmas Night – M. Christina Butler & Tina Macnaughton



  • Make mince pies
  • Make Christmas Cake
  • Make a giant golden star for the tree
  • Go for a forest walk and collect holly, chestnuts and acorns to decorate a nature area of the house
  • Decorate holly twigs in red green and gold glitter
  • Make Christmas gifts for friends – bake a cake, paint a picture, make felt stockings full of  nuts