Watabus Personalised Book Review

When I agreed to review the Watabus personalised book, I really had no idea how popular it would be. I decided to wrap it up and give it to my daughter for her 5th birthday, and her 7 year old sister loved it so much, she wants one for her next birthday too! I think that… Read more: Watabus Personalised Book Review

Owl Bat Bat Owl {Book Review}

Owl Bat Bat Owl is a really unique concept in books because, unlike what normally makes up a book, this one has no written story. The whole story unfolds in pictures, making it a story tellers dream! It’s the perfect book for children who don’t read but like to make up the story as they… Read more: Owl Bat Bat Owl {Book Review}

Also An Octopus {Book Review}

I seem to find myself a bit gushy over books every week at the moment. I can’t help that the books we’re being sent are so fantastic though! This week’s arrival was perfectly themed for us too, because we’ve been focusing on story telling and story writing this month, what with it being both National… Read more: Also An Octopus {Book Review}

This Is The Kiss {Book Review}

If you’re looking for winter evening reads, This Is The Kiss is a beautiful bed time book for little ones, all about the bears’ bed time routine. Written by Claire Harcup and illustrated by Gabriel Alborozo, This Is The Kiss is a gorgeous book to add to your collection. The story goes about getting ready for bed after… Read more: This Is The Kiss {Book Review}

My First Story Writing Book {Book Review}

If you’ve been inspired by National Storytelling Week or you’re simply hoping to encourage your little storyteller to grow in the craft, there are a number of books on the market that offer just that. We recently bought My First Story Writing Book from Usborne books to work through during the week and we loved… Read more: My First Story Writing Book {Book Review}

Can I Eat That {Book Review}

We love books in general, but interactive books are a double bonus. Can I Eat That by Joshua David Stein, illustrated by Julia Rothman is one such a book. Each page of Can I Eat That  features different food stuff, with the reoccuring theme  being ‘is that something I can eat?’ It’s a fantastic book for… Read more: Can I Eat That {Book Review}

The Mouse That Cancelled Christmas {Book Review}

The Mouse That Cancelled Christmas is a funny Christmas story for kids – the kind that sees them giggle as you’re reading, making it fun for adults too.

Time Now To Dream {Book Review}

Aw, there are books that are “sweet for kids”, and then are books that are just genuinely sweet. This is definitely one of those. You know the ones I mean? That actually tug at your heart strings, and if you are going to pull out a few books for the children to choose from for… Read more: Time Now To Dream {Book Review}

Blue & Other Colours: With Henri Matisse & An Art Project {Book Review}

Over the summer, Phaidon sent us a book to review. I kept looking at it with an idea in mind, but being summer, we were just so busy, we never got round to it. Well, rather than heading to the paddling pool after our regular Tuesday (brrrr) we came home, so I decided it was… Read more: Blue & Other Colours: With Henri Matisse & An Art Project {Book Review}