Body Integrity And Anatomy For Toddlers {PlayLearning}

Ameli is four years old right now, so while I think it’s valuable and important to introduce a discussion on our bodies, this won’t be a very academic week (not that they ever are, but what I mean is that it won’t be deep biology or anything). We’re also having a shorter ‘themed’ week this… Read more: Body Integrity And Anatomy For Toddlers {PlayLearning}

Fabulous Ideas For World Book Day {PlayLearning}

Thursday is World Book Day, and aside from Ameli’s preschool getting the kids to come it in pyjamas and with teddy bears, I thought that would make a great theme for this week, following on nicely from last week’s Dr.Seuss theme, and incorporating some of it for the week ahead. We’ve chosen our favourite stories… Read more: Fabulous Ideas For World Book Day {PlayLearning}

Ideas For Dr Seuss’ Birthday {PlayLearning}

Our PlayLearning theme this week is Dr Seuss and a touch of World Book Day, we have a few books waiting to be read, so we’re going to work through them this week.  We are also huge Dr Seuss fans, and Ameli particularly loves them for bed time stories, so Dr Seuss is a great… Read more: Ideas For Dr Seuss’ Birthday {PlayLearning}

13 Chinese New Year Ideas For Children {{PlayLearning}}

The Chinese New Year celebrations begin around the world this week, and while we have no actual reason for ‘celebrating’ Chinese New Year, I thought it would be a fun theme for this week’s Play Learning. Chinese New Year falls on the 28th of January this year, and sees the rise of the Year of… Read more: 13 Chinese New Year Ideas For Children {{PlayLearning}}

The Living Rainforest, Berkshire {PlayLearning Themes}

Our playlearning – slash – pre homeschooling theme this fortnight is rainforests. I was very excited, therefore, to discover that there’s a living rainforest an hour and a bit’s drive from where we live. The Living Rain Forest is in the village of Hampstead Norreys in Berkshire. In preparation for our visit, and because Ameli,… Read more: The Living Rainforest, Berkshire {PlayLearning Themes}

{PlayLearning} Autumn Sensory Boxes

I do love Autumn in England. It is incredibly beautiful. We seem to have skipped Autumn, as far as temperatures are concerned, which is unfortunate, as Autumn sunshine mixed with reds, browns, yellows and the remaining greens are one of nature’s treasures, in my view. I’ve started doing Autumn appreciation activities with the girls, and… Read more: {PlayLearning} Autumn Sensory Boxes

{PlayLearning} My Season Tree

As the seasons change, we’ve been talking a lot about Autumn. Our walks have involved a lot of looking at things and picking up things, and noticing the change of colours and so on. It really is a very beautiful time of year, and I do love it. I just wish it wasn’t followed by… Read more: {PlayLearning} My Season Tree